Monday, February 26, 2007

Marking the Calendar

On March 3rd, we will have a total lunar eclipe of the Full Worm Moon. Time for us to set up the telescope.
I had been inside all day.
I wanted bird time.
I was not disappointed.
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Chrissie said...

Great pics again! I love the moon pic, please make sure you get some good ones of the eclipse :-)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I hope I can get some photos!
It will depend on the weather.
Lots of decorating at my house as I perpare for March. Each month we do so many different activities it is hard to get them all in!
Once the gardening season comes on full force I am out in the dirt as I think you are.

smilnsigh said...

I'm a lover of Full Moons but I didn't know there was to be a total lunar eclipse this time. Thank you.

And I didn't remember the name either. {Oh wow, you'll never believe I love Full Moons will you?} Did a search and found...

March: Full "Worm" (American Indian -- from earthworms coming to soil surface during Spring thaw)


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I also love the New Moon!
I began naming her last June when I learned the new moon had not yet been named.
Thank you for the research. As the ground warms up and the worms return to the surface the Robins are pleased.
I try to sit with the Full Moon each month. I enjoy being with her as she rises. I do a moon bath when it is warm enough.
Moon beams and star dust,

Q said...

Hi Sprite,
She'll be beautiful!
I like worms and bees!