Friday, February 09, 2007


The gardens were filled with serious activity.

Even the Carolina Wren was on task.
No songs today or sweet twitters.
He was after the meal worms even if Mocking Bird was on guard.


Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
Perhaps you could come to my gardens and have fun in the trees and I would send out specila yummy treat for you. If a bad kitty came forth you could be the official "kitty nose tweaker!"
I love cats very much. I would gladly feed the kitties. I bet we have a few mice that would be a nice supper for a cat.
Welcome mat is laid out for you!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I see you in the morning dew and in the moss that grows on the majestic Oak. I see you in the moon beams and in the mist.
It cold and damp, do stay warm and dry. We will dance again in the Spring.