Tuesday, February 06, 2007

White Tails

I saw a piece of litter in the front yard so I went out to pick it up. I was rewarded!
Three white tailed deer were across the street in the cemetary.
The geese kept on grazing.
I am glad the deer did not venture on to the street. We do not have a deer crossing sign.

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I get so excited whenever I see deer! Being in the city means I do not see them very often. I have learned to go outside with the camera around my neck.
These were so small. They could have been Does, or maybe Proghorns? I do not know my deer very well. I will have to do some research!
Wild Turkeys are in the large city park not too far from my house. I have seen them many times by the road side. Maybe they will come to my yard or the cemetary.
There are tiny patches of woods here and there near by so maybe the deer have a spot they call home. I just hope they have food and fresh water.
Such gentle spirits.