Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dove on the roof

The Doves like to sit on my roof. They take turns .
The Jays like the deck chairs.

We have three Jays that come to call. The skies are Jay blue this afternoon. My bird book says the feathers of the Blue Jay do not contain blue pigment. Refracted sunlight casts the blue light. I am learning about refracted light. I am learning about the Blue Jay.

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Angels, lots of Angels are here during the cold. I counted sixty one afternoon. I do know the 13 regulars, all the rest are coming for winter comfort. I think my regulars get weary of the wire being taken up by visitors so they now take to my roof! From the roof they come to the deck. I depend on the Doves for clean up. The flocking birds do make a mess throwing seed here and there. My husband is concerned we will have all sorts of growing plants in the lawn. With so many Doves about I think they are getting the "lost" seed.
I do love the Doves.