Friday, September 15, 2006


Falling Acorns! We could post a sign. The driveway is filling up with bitty acorns. The wind today helped many fall. We will sweep them up and save them for the deer.
The sidewalks are also starting to have the autumn look. I have gathered acorns in the past. I have soaked them in scented oil and used them as disfusers. I still have many jars full of sweet scented acorns. A November decoration.
The Tawny Emperor Butterfly was sunning this morning.
I went on a short road trip today. I went to give my son a Birthday hug. It is what Moms do.
The Monarchs were flying against the southern wind. They were migrating. The effort they were putting forth was incredible. As I went down the highway I thought of the long trip they were making. It is what Monarchs do.
Our Monarchs will leave soon. I enjoy every minute I have with them.

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