Thursday, September 28, 2006

Trick or Treat?

I am going to the salon tomorrow. I did up a couple of treat bags for the ladies that do my services. A couple of apple muffins, some candies and the sparkling ciders wrapped in tissue, made a little snack bag.
It is easy to do up a fast treat bag. My ribbons are in my basket and my treats and bags are in my kettle.
I cut some bats out of black construction paper and wrote a little greeting in white colored pencil. I slipped it and an orange Jack-o-Lantern paper napkin in the bag. They might want a muffin in between clients.

I enjoy making up treat bags.


Saucy said...

Very cute? I guess it's not too early for the Halloween stuff... we have Thanksgiving in Canada next weekend so Jack o'lanterns before then is taboo.

Q said...

Hi Saucy,
Oh dear, I would be written up! I have all sorts of magical creatures about, including Jack O'Lanterns. I love the way you spell it! Shall be my way now. Thank you!
It takes me so very long to do up each spot that I need at least a week. As October unfolds I will continue to decorate. I have written down what I did in the past and I have photos so I do that to start. As I go into the next phase I move things around and tweak and add to. I decorate the decorations. I will write down again for next year. I store everything by room too so that helps.
In October I like to entertain. I invite friends over for luncheons and dinner parties. Some will come for tea, some to trick or treat me! I have treats ready from October 1st through the 31st as a few of my guests are out of town. They come as their schedules allow. October is my month.
Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your loved ones!
Only treats,

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
You are gifting me! Thank you! Pausing to send a comment means the world to me.
I seem to be gifted by Mother Nature daily! She has so much to give too. It would not be right for me not to share.
The little treats I have for family and friends and those that perform my services are my way of saying, "I appreciate you."
I sometimes have treats for my mailman and my neighbors and those that pick up my trash and recycling too. I try to make sure my "load" is easy for others. If I am baking cookies and the police are running radar at my corner, I will take out a bag of cookies. It is fun for me to share. Here on Corner I try to post photos that are beautiful and to show in a simple way the joys of Mother Nature and the ways of celebrating each day. The world sometimes has strife and here one can come and rest. They can be nurished and filled again with the beauty of a cloudy day or the joy of watching a flower unfold. I never know when something I write will be the spark for a smile.
I do receive many thanks and blessings. You are a blessing in my life. Your sparkle is a gift to Corner. Your kind words are moon beams of pure magic.
Thank you.
Treats to you,