Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's Beginning to Look like October

I stopped my work when I saw the Painted Lady fly in. I was hoping I would see one this year. I am getting the outdoor October things out and putting the last of the summer things away. I have all sorts of candle holders with a variety of different sized candles for evening shadows. They are on the tables and in the flowers beds. The cat lantern is surrounded by spent bean vines. It will have a tea light

I have been cleaning the deck and planting the potted up mums into the gardens. This little mum will grow in this unusual basket. It will be well supported. It just might bloom this year.

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Q said...

Hi Sprite!

I was so happy to see Painted Lady.
I am doing, "September Butterflies" a printed photo essay in pretty wood frames for my half wall. I can continue this next year too.
The Faeries are always welcome to dance and play in the gardens. They are my helpers and my friends.
Finding the unusual baskets for flower supports is nice. Hopefully each growing area will have it's October decoration. Getting the mums in the ground was first stage. Finding the right piece for each spot second stage. Photos next!
October! So very beautiful and fun.