Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On The Prowl

Just after first light, before the sun had risen, I went outside to check on the Monarch. She was gone. I did not see any signs of foul play. Happy travels to her. It was chilly out, 52 degrees. I thought I would sit on the deck for a few minutes and listened to the early bird songs. Miss Hummingbird came for her morning drink. Other birds came to the feeders. I forgot about being chilly. I forgot about time. I wish there was a way to take you with me as I poke about in Thrift Stores. I always have a list of needs. Yesterday and today I found many thing I "needed."
We put glass doors on a few of our kitchen cabinets so now I want to display my dishes in a lovely way. I am using large letter racks. My leaf plates for September look pretty now in their racks. I will switch out plates each month. The racks can stay in the cabinet. I had the brass rack and today I found the black metal one. I would like to have a few more to stand bowls in. Yesterday I found two small jugs. After being fitted with wicks they made pretty oil lamps for September. I was in need. I also found a leaf wind chime for the East side of the house. Now I will be able to hear, "Wind from the East."

My other finds are for October. I am on the prowl for strange "Octobery" things. I am decorating the gardens for an October Garden tour. Last year I invited my Husband to join me for a private October Garden Tour 2006. No date has been set. It depends on the mums.
When they peak we shall tour.

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