Monday, September 18, 2006

She is Resting

It is almost dark. I went to check on our garden guest. She had moved herself up to the top of the Marigold bush. She can get food easily now. She can rest. We think all the birds are already in for the night.
I will check on her in the morning.

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Q said...

Thank you Sprite,

It is a beautiful time of year.

I am watching so many changes. As the Equinox approaches I can feel my body going through her Autumn change too.

September for me is a sweet-sad time of year. I cling to the warm days and the last burst of summer flowers. The Monarchs are always the blessing in September. They are so graceful and beautiful as they float and fly South. I will miss them.

Each Season has it's blessing. Autumn is filled with beautiful colors. The leaves alone can keep me in awe for several weeks! As I watch the bittersweet ripen I am excited. As the mums show forth a wee bit more color everyday I am thrilled.

Thank you for resting with me. It is a joy to be with you. The Garden Gate is always open. The kettle is on and we have happy hours to share stories.

Thank you,