Monday, September 25, 2006

Day One

The yellow mums are brillant in the afternoon sun. For October I do lots of shadow art. I was pleased to see Mother Nature playing with shadow too.
Orange Sulphers sharing a flower was ever so fun. The gardens were filled with them. I counted twenty!
I am watching the bittersweet. Soon it will pop open and I will be in decorator's heaven. I have plans for bittersweet wreaths and swags for doors and doorways.
Day one is going well. Bedrooms and baths are finished. On to the hallway and the entry. I could get into the living room by this evening. As the oranges, greens, black and browns fill the house I am filled with the joy of creating. I adore decorating for October.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,

I think as they age the Sulphers turn oranger. I do know sometimes they are very yellow and sometimes almost green. I also think it has to do with the light and the flowers they are on. When they fly they have a black band on their wings. The Cloudless Sulphers look just like the Orange Sulphers only they do not have the black on their wings. I found an Orange Sulpher on a zinnia flower that had died. I was so moved by her passing, here in the garden. Such a blessing to my home and garden. I brought her and the flower in to my spot for Mother's special gifts. I would never kill a butterfly. It is nice to have her as a specimen. She is very orange and her wings have the black band.
I too see faeries and elves all the time. Garden helpers I think. I also see other magical creatures. Everyday I am gifted by all the realms. The wee folks are my friends. As you can tell sometimes they let me take photos of them, sometimes not!
When the bittersweet pops open I will snap many photos! I have dreamed of the day I have bittersweet in my backyard. This was the third growing season for my vines. When I saw blooms in the Spring I was pretty sure I would get berries. Now every day I check, from green to orange they are turning. If I can harvest at the right time, I should be able to make my wreaths with the vines and the berries will stay attached. All will dry in the shape I create. I am experimenting this year. Next year I could have even more as the vines continue to grow.
Thank you for shining your glow here on Corner. I look forward to your visits.

Q said...

Thank you Sprite,
Your loving comment on Orange Sulpher helped me know I was honoring in the right fashion. I too keep the feathers, rocks, shells and all sorts of wonderful other gifts Mother Nature gives.
What a wonderful memory of the movie, "The Littlest Angel". I have never seen it. I am sure I too would be charmed forever.
I love boxes! I collect them for my treasures too. I found one today at the thrift store to put some of the keepsakes I have from my Father.
Thank you for being in conversation. It lightens my heart when I can share.
Blessing to you my friend,