Saturday, September 30, 2006

Good bye September!

I am at my desk this evening putting September's papers away. So hope the Painted Ladies stay in October. I have not seen a Monarch for two days. I have not seen the hummingbirds for a couple of days.
I had wanted fancier bugs to enjoy the orange mums. The Stink bug and Grasshopper were not doing any damage I could see. They are interesting bugs, beautiful in their own way.
The Leaf Hopper is also an interesting bug.
The tiny skippers are fun to watch. The sulphers were about all day.

As I finish up September's journal I am filled with gratitude. So many birds and butterflies were in the garden and we did have some vegetables for the table. Picked two tomatoes today.
My toe is better, the three weeks in the brace has made a difference. My husband and I are able to walk again. I enjoy our evening walks. The temperatures are pleasant. After supper I just need a sweater outdoors.
Life has changed some this month. Both of our children are in new cities, they are farther away. We do chat. They are busy enjoying their new homes and jobs. My friend, who came on Wednesday for kitchen table time, for twenty-two years, cannot come any more. I miss her. Her work may settle down after the New Year and we might be able to share precious moments again. There will always be a chair waiting for her. No Yoga class for five more months! I miss my teacher and my classmates. Life changes. The Seasons unfold day by day and there are always wonders. New adventures will come my way.
Tomorrow we start October! It is my "old" favorite month. I am comfortable in the arms of October.

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