Thursday, September 21, 2006

Last Rays of Summer

Today is the last official day of Summer. This morning was cloudy and cool, a storm is coming in.

The white roses are in full bloom.
I cut a few for my morning table. Goodbye Summer. It has been a joy filled season.
I did a nosegay for my desk. I lit my small oil lamp; blessings to my friend.

New Moon is tomorrow! I am thinking about it's name.

I am listening to "Mantis and the Moon" today. It is a compact disc of guitar duets done by John Williams and Timothy Kain. Lovely music on a cloudy day. Tomorrow is a busy day with the New Moon in the morning at 6:46 am cdt and Autumn Equinox at 11:04 pm cdt. I have plans on how I will celebrate.
I have begun to decorate the gardens for October. It is time for me to get the potted mums into the ground so they will winter over.

The mum will root into the ground through the basket. Next year the basket will become the support for the mum. I will remove my metal owl after Halloween.

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