Sunday, September 17, 2006

Northwest Wind

I heard the gong. I knew the wind was gusting out of the West. The wind harp had been playing all morning; we have a nice steady breeze out of the Northwest. The wind chime on the North sounded a couple of times. It is a musical morning. The birds were feeding and Miss Hummingbird had come by. The rains had stopped. I went for my morning walk-about.

We received 6 tenths of an inch of rain. A nice watering in of the Winter Wheat seed we planted yesterday. The Crown Imperial bulbs we planted may not have received any moisture yet, they go in very deep, 12-14 inches! They are part of our mole deterrent program. So far we have planted 18 bulbs. I did save seed from one Crown Imperial that set seed last spring. I will Winter Sow the seed. It will take a few years for a bulb to form. I plan to someday have the perimeter of the yard planted in Crown Imperials. Like the ant, I am very patient. Slowly it will happen. With the tulips and daffodiles they will make for a lovely Spring show and the moles stay far away from the smell of the bulbs.

The gourds have now covered the East side of the deck railing and are starting to come around to the South. The vines will stay up all winter. Some of the gourds I will pick, some will remain on the vine to ripen over winter. Come February we will need interest on the deck. The vines will hold a wee bit of snow. The ripening gourds will look pretty in the gray light of Winter.

I did cut down the sunflowers for the wheat to go in. Most of the heads were already cleaned up by the Finches. The few remaining went into a basket. The birds will find them and finish them up. I did not get any seed for people this year. I will plant many more Sunflowers next year. They were lovely.

The mums are showing a wee bit more color as is the English Ivy. All of the gardens are weeded and seeded for Autumn. The drive and sidewalks have been swept of tiny acorns. There are pinecones and seed to gather.

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