Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day Three

I was unpacked and decorated by mid-afternoon. Took me thirty-six hours this year. Much faster than last year. House looks lovely in her October colors and all of her motifs. Now I get to do the part I enjoy the most. I start wild crafting. Years ago my Husband would take me on drive about in the country. As we saw wild grasses, seed pods and bittersweet we would stop and I would harvest. Now the country roadways are sprayed so all the native grasses are gone. My bittersweet spot has been gone for many years. I grow what I need for my October House. I garden craft now.

The orange mums are in bloom. So bright they glow. As they become top heavy I will cut for inside vases. It will be a week before I will start doing that. For now I am using the yellow mums I bought at Costco for my inside flowers. I should have mums for vases all of October.

The Pine trees have dropped many cones. I will gather for December decorating.

I cut down the Twisting Willow, it will come back next year. The large branches are the "rod" over the windows in the living room and dining room that herbs are drying from. The smaller pieces are in sand in iron smelter pots on the deck. I had enough to do three pots. I will save the willow for next year. I will look for more iron pots. One of these days the deck will be transformed by Willow in October. I will need to find a long box to store my Willow in.

Garden spiders are weaving webs. So beautiful. I am hoping to get some spider web photos to print and frame. It was cloudy today so no butterflies. Miss Hummer was at the feeder this morning. Soon she will fly south. Soon we will see the geese migrating.
September is drawing to a close. I have end of month things to do.

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Q said...

There is Magic in the wind, Sprite popped in!
Come in and sit a bit, we can visit.

The mums give forth light, the pine cones delight!
Spider webs catch dreams,
Willow wands find streams.

Bees and trees, hares and cares,
I love to share.