Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Heaven in the Garden

This morning I went on garden walk-a-bout. One of the Dragonflies, that patrols in the evenings, was resting on a spent tomato leaf. The morning light was perfect. I was able to capture the details in his wings. Hummingbird was already doing battle with the bees.
Monarchs were in the zinnias.
The Groundhog had already eaten all of the broccoli sprouts.
I will order more seed. I will replant. I will recommend a relocation. He can join other Groundhogs that have been relocated to a nice park down by the river.


Sprite said...

Dearest Q~

Nice picture of Mr. Ground Hog. I know he was eating your broccoli, but he is awfully cute.

Groundhogs, Monarchs, Dragonflies, and Hummingbirds. They are gifts and teachers.

Groundhogs teach us about connecting to the seasons changes and to understand the power of cycles. They hibernate during hard times.

I can relate to groundhog medicine. My beloved sister was born on Ground Hog's Day. I am currently in a hibernating cycle.

Butterflies teach us about cycles and changes, from egg to larva to chrysalis to butterfly.

Dragonflies can teach us about the power of flight, seeing the truth in situations, and mastering illusions.

Hummingbirds are such mighty little creatures. I think they are among the most magical creatures alive on Mother Earth. They have the ability to do the most amazing things in flight. They can go backwards forwards, up, down and hover. They bring such joy, don't they?

Thank you for all your beautiful pictures and sharing. There are books that are available and there are websites that one can find information on the qualities of animals as known to the sages and mystics.

Many Blessings,


Q said...

Hello Dearheart!

Thank you for sharing about the teachings of all the delightful creatures that are in the gardens.

Mr. Groundhog did not go into the live animal trap we had set up.
I am debating the wisdom of replanting. My eggplants, spinach, kale and broccoli are gone. The window for getting seeds in is over, we could have frost in two weeks. The squash is doing fine! We will have plenty to share too. I will research about how to plant for next year so Mr. Groundhog doesn't get my entire cole crop.

I have read about the wonderful animals and bugs that visit. Very interesting. They do teach and I am a willing student. I love them all.

Life is full of change. As I accept I find my way is easier. Butterflies are so beautiful as is change.

I go within as well. Sometimes hibernating is the best rest. It is in hibernation I find ideas have a way of taking root so that come Spring they will sprout and bloom. It is in the Winter I hibernate. I become very quiet.

Dragonflies are always about me. I am learning so much about illusion. Decorating is all about telling stories. Having the items about reminds me of the stories and the lessens. The items are the illusion the stories are real.

Hummingbirds are so joyful! They are amazing creatures. Their migration is also amazing. Such stamina! I love the way they follow their own instints rather than the food sources. Great lesson in that!

Thank you again!