Saturday, September 02, 2006


Riley, the scarecrow, sits on the front porch. He was a garage sale find years ago. He was already named by the family that owned him. I promised I would take care of him. We built our scarecrow this evening after the yard was mowed and we found his straw. He is in the rosemary bed. He does not have a name. Would you help us name him?
While on the hunt for scarecrow straw I found a great buy on mums! Ended up with 23 more mums! Now I have a mum for the kitchen table and one for the counter and 12 for the window boxes and a few for around the yard. I went with red mums for the window boxes. My small volunteer mums are doing fine. Just too small to bloom this year. Will plant them in the front pond area for next year's blooming. So far I have bought 27 mums, easily I could get 30 before the month is out, it is only September 2nd! Have not found the elusive yellow mum with the dark brown center. If I find those I will buy many.
With a glass of cider and a sweater on I am sitting on the deck watching Scarecrow watch over the September garden. He can stay out all the way to December! I am in love.


Housefrau said...

I asked the LP what he thinks the name should be and he said: "Lumpy comes to mind."

Lumpy!!!!! That's my vote.

Q said...

Hi Housefrau,
"Lumpy" has been put into the drawing! I think we will draw the name on September 30th. If you have any other names let me know.
I put "Stanley" in the basket for the drawing.
Thanks for playing, "Name the Scarecrow" game.