Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Harvest Moon Eve

This is my favorite full moon of the year, The Full Harvest Moon. It will be full tomorrow afternoon 1:48 cdt. Tonight we had a lovely cantaloupe "almost" full moon rise. I have been celebrating all day today and will continue to celebrate tomorrow. I will do some harvesting. The basil is ready for tomorrows harvest. I will make pesto for winter use. We have some red peppers and some tomatoes I can harvest. I shall cut the Twisting Willow and dry it for my winter curtain rods. One little dandelion remains. My daughter's favorite wild flower. I will cut her for my flower tomorrow. The flower of the poet.
My friend, the Hummingbird, graced me with a photo opportunity this morning.

There were butterflies today and incredible clouds.

While out on errands I stopped at World's Window and found a lovely brown outfit for our annual Leaf Peeping outing. I would like a new pair of shoes to go with and a new hat!

I went to the podiatrist this afternoon. My toe is in a brace for six months. No classroom yoga. I shall ask my teacher to help me learn some floor poses I can do at home. I will be wearing shoes. No more bare footing about in my gardens.
I will heal and be back in the cool spring grasses. I will become realigned and be able to rejoin my class. I will take good care of my toes.

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