Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Morning Glories

This morning I went to enjoy the bird's Morning Glories. The blooms fade by noon.

I was taking close- up photos when
in flew Hummingbird! I was too close for very good photos! She almost landed on me.
Each flower appears to have a light right in the center.
This darling is a Acmon Blue.

It is a lovely September morning.


Anonymous said...

Hi "Q",

Beautiful shot of the Morning Glory. It does appear to have a light in the center of the bloom.

Love ya,


Q said...

Hi Me,
The Morning Glories are spectacular! I love the fact the birds planted them! I will let them re-seed for next year. They are the only blue flowers in the yard. Seeing the hummer at them confirmed they are staying.
The blooms only last a few hours in the morning. Spending time with them yesterday was heavenly.