Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Monarch New Moon

I went to the skies before sunrise. Orion was walking, Sirius was twinkling blue bright and the Pleiades were in full display. All of our star friends were visible. The rains of yesterday left us with 8 tenths of an inch.
For New Monarch Moon I went into my film library and brought out a few photos. Like the Monarchs I am traveling today. Just a day trip to see my favorite Aunt. One of my older brothers is taking me. We will drive all morning, listen to music from his collection, and have lunch with this most gracious and wise woman. I love her. We will drive into the evening to come home for Autumn Equinox.
For New Moon I am spreading my wings and having new adventures. A solar Eclipse is visible in South America and Africa during New Moon time. The energy is perfect for travel.
For Equinox I am planting an Acorn. I am celebrating the changes in life. I am looking for Pegasus in the skies. I am watching for the geese to fly over.
I am balanced.

Night and Day are equal. All is equal. All is in Spirit.

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Spending time with a wise woman on New Moon is a joy.
I did not get to know my Grandmothers very well as a young woman. I also did not have the type of Mother that shared wisdoms. My Aunt is a very kind and wise woman and it pleases me so to hold her hand and receive her hugs. She is gracious and tells me stories of my Grandmother. She shared my Grandmother's poems. I have been reading them. The connect to my Paternal Grandmother and Godmother is strong. Her poems reveal a part of her I was unaware of.
I think I shall phone my Aunt on New Moon day every month. A short visit is sweet nurishment.
Happy New Moon,
Happy day,