Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Front Pond

The front pond is on the north side of the house. The snow is slow to melt.
My husband keeps the pump running all winter so even in the coldest temperatures it does not freeze over.
Today it is in the mid forties, the fish are feeding.
This pair had babies this past summer.


Deb said...

A garden pond has been on my "Wish list" for the garden for many years! Yours is lovely.

Q said...

My husband put the front pond in many years ago. He cleans it about twice a year now that he has his ecosystem in place.
The back pond is shallow and we do not run a pump. It seems to be the favorite bird bath for the sparrows when it is not frozen.
I try to have a water feature of some sort in every flower bed in the spring and summer.
The "hardscapes" in my gardens are the slowest to emerge.
I keep reminding myself to be patient.