Saturday, December 23, 2006

Junco, another Junco, and an update on Q!

Hello out there, Q's readers!

Last things first: my mom and dad are nestled safely in eastern Washington and are resting up for tomorrow's final leg of their drive though the Columbia River Gorge:

Again, not my photo. Whenever I've driven through the gorge, I've been too petrified to take pictures. Q's been calling in when she can, and I've been feeding her weather reports from the internet (Montana is not so big on wifi and cell phone coverage, it seems). She should be here tomorrow afternoon and will be able to post hello to everyone!

On to Oregon news: I saw a little collection of Juncos! I am pretty sure they were the dark-eyed variety. Here is what they looked like:

Aaack! That is not a Dark-eyed Junco! But that is the first result if you do a Google image search for "junco." Hm, I guess he is kinda dark-eyed. And dark-haired. And dark-mustached. Shudder.

Okay, okay, on with the birds. I saw five of these friendly fellows:

Small! And Grey-headed! And they totally went "peep"!

So that's the bird situation here in Oregon. I know that Q's birds back home have plenty of seed and water for the holiday.

Your pal,

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sprite! Q and Qpid are due in about two or three hours--I will give extra hugs!

Seems your long-lost cousin is masquerading as a bird! ;)