Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December Songs

The American Goldfinch came to the feeders. Known as the wild canary.
I can listen all day to the birds sing.
They do take breaks for snacks!


Chrissie said...

Your photos are fantastic. What size lens do you have? I can't get anywhere near ours to take photos.

Q said...

Hi Chris,
I used a 200x zoom for these shots. I slowly crept up on the thistle feeder. The Goldfinch did keep looking at me! The light was wonderful yesterday for photos.

On my wish list is a 500x lens. Christmas is coming and I have a birthday soon. My husband is very aware of my desire. A bird blind would be fun too!

Often, weather permiting, I will sit in a chair quietly until the birds forget I am there. I also wear muted colors while out in the yard. I feed the birds year around and as winter approaches I slowly move the feeding station closer to the deck. I also put plates of seed out on the deck tables. They get used to being up close to the house.
Some birds are used to me. I am the seed lady and they watch me.

These Goldfinches have been in the gardens for a few years. I grow all sorts of plants for them.

I am pleased you like my photos. I am new to the camera. Slowly I am learning. I did take to the world of photgraphy. The camera has opened a new door for me!