Wednesday, December 06, 2006

St. Nicholas Day

The Moon last night was in a halo of ice crystals. At moon set this morning the halo continued. Bitter cold is on the way.
On our first December 6th, St. Nicholas brought my husband wooden shoes. They were filled with chocolate gold coins. St. Nick also left a couple of Christmas albums. After the children were born St. Nick began filling the wooden shoes on Christmas Eve with pistachio nuts.
I have collected wooden shoes. They are here and there around the house.
They are filled with all the little items a decorator needs.
St. Nicholas Day is the day I write holiday cards.
Happy St. Nicholas Day!


Deb said...

I love this tradition of treats being left in the wooden shoes. Happy St. Nicholas Day to you too Q.

Q said...

Hi Deb,
The wooden shoes are charming.
I like to celebrate some of the traditions from other cultures. I was given a tiny pair of wooden shoes when I was a teenager, they were a package topper. I fell in love.
Once in love always in love!