Sunday, December 17, 2006

Songbirds bring cheer

After Copper's Hawk left it took awhile for the songbirds to feel comfortable again. The skies are gray with a brisk breeze from the north.
The wind harp is playing.
The birds have returned.


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Sweets, can you tell me the name of that gorgeous bird with the bright yellow-orange breast? A dozen of them alighted in my 100-year old apple tree a week ago, nibbling on half-rotten fruit and foraging for bugs in the bark...and I have never seen them before, or since, for that matter. Quite unusual here in Western Washington state. Hubby looked on the Audubon site, but it's impossible to find anything there unless you know a bit abour birds - which we don't!!!Any info you can provide would be most appreciated!

And if it's a robin with unusual coloring, I'll die of embarassment....

Q said...

Hello Divadeb,
No need to ever die of embarrassment! Identifying the birds can be difficult.
There are a few birds that your flock could be. The first that comes to mind is the Baltimore Oriole. Yet easily they could be Goldfinches. I do not think you saw Robins. I do not know the birds of your area. I would check, "Birds of Washington State".
A google search should show pictures of birds in your area.
Depending on your weather you could have some birds that were blown off their normal migrating paths.
Identifing birds is so fun! Don't give up. Let me know what you find out.
I love old trees. Give yours a Yuletide hug for me.