Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ice and Snow

The entry is the Ice and Snow Garden. It is evolving. The pink tree skirt I made from the dress my Mother wore for my wedding.
The Ice Tree is hung with little penguin charms my Mother collected when she was a small child. I am waiting for the right tree topper to come my way.
Every now and again I find bits and pieces that belong to collections. The Snowbabies Collection Series had these Penguins and telescope. In a glass and mirror box they sit happily on the floor.
I am enjoying the snow tracts a bird left. Ribbons on the snow in the backyard.


Deb said...

Ice and Snow Garden - what a wonderful name...and I love the idea of making your tree skirt from a special dress. I have a Snow Baby collection ~ and the penguins are lovely (as is your blog).

Q said...

Hi Deb,
Last December I began the idea of "The Enchanted Forest". Rather than a new theme added in each year I am developing each room as a garden. Slowly as the years unfold the gardens will develop. It takes me awhile to find the right trees and all the support each one requires.
I do enjoy doing each garden.
Last year I had over 100 plants indoors. It took me a couple of hours each day to manage all those plants! This year I have twenty.
That could change if I find miniature pink rose bushes like I did last year. For now I am happy with vases of greens and cut flowers.