Friday, December 08, 2006

Perky Little Bird

When I came in from shopping the deck was full of birds. Carolina Wren was busy cleaning up spilled seed.
Blue Jay flew.
All the birds scattered except Carolina Wren.
He does not seem to be afraid of anything!


Anonymous said...

Hello...Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL and I find peace in them. I am working very hard at my assignment. Thank you. Are those orbs in some of your photos of your lovely birds? You truly have a talent when it comes to photography! It was very nice to see you today. :) Merry Christmas! And have a Happy Birthday. Most importantly, have a Happy Every Day!
Blessed Be!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Taking pictures of the birds has taught me patience. I watch and wait for all the right elements to come into place.
It is fun to share them here on Corner.
Blessings of Light,

Q said...

Hello Megan,
So happy you came by.
I do like taking pictures of the diversity of Mother Nature. In my own backyard I can see so much beauty.
The birds are fun.
I am excited to awake each day just to experience the beauty.
Thank you for your blessings. Everyday is a gift. Everyday is an oppertunity to love.
Enjoy learning how to live the Four Agreements.
You are in my blessings,