Monday, December 18, 2006

Rapid Heartbeat

I was standing at the back door watching the small songbirds come and go at the feeder. Silently Hawk swooped down. All the songbirds fled.

That was exciting!

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Happy Yuletide!
Life is exciting!
The new telephoto lens should help me be able to share even more. Many creatures call this spot home.
Often the birds are nice to come up close so I can get their photo. Now I do not have to bother them with my, "Please to have a picture!"
I also read about the birds and plants and bugs and the meaning they have had in lore and in spirituality. I look to all ways and to my own inner knowings.
Hawk does come everyday.
I am not always able to take photos.
I do believe Spirit communicates with us everyday. Spirit is always with me!
If my photos help one person smile, to feel the joy of life, than I am successful.
Thank you Sprite, for letting me know my work is important.
A lifted Spirit is a joy to behold.
Have a most Joyous Yuletide,