Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Geminid Meteor Shower

The Moon is at apogee. Tonight the annual Geminid meteor shower will peak.
Best viewing is between 9-10 pm.
The flocking birds add motion to the gardens.

They let the other birds know if there is danger.
They are somewhat skittish.


Anonymous said...

Hello Q, this is Carol and Jeremy. We're at the Hays Public Library. We have just viewed your corner. It looks like you had a very good time in Oregon. Your photos are truly awesome! I'm so glad we finally got to see them! Happy Birthday and happy New Year.
Love Jeremy and Carol

Q said...

Hi you two!
Wow so much excitement here at Corner.
I am also happy you were able to find a way to come.
Happy New year to both of you.
May 2007 be the year for many prettty photos!