Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Outside with the birds

At noon it was 54 degrees and sunny. I needed to be outside. I needed to soak up some sun. I took my lunch to the deck.
The small birds have figured out how to get into the little yellow feeder.
The Red Heather is in color. This is the first year for the Heathers.
I washed windows. Cold air is on the way.

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Q said...

Hi Sprite,
Once all the snow melted I was able to see the red of the Heathers. They are still very small plants. I did cut a tiny bit for the kitchen. I wanted the smell.
I am encouraged as I did not expect them to turn the first year. The grower I bought the Heathers from said it takes five years for the Heathers to be established. After that I think I can begin using the Heathers as part of my December indoor flowers. Vases of Heather sound ever so nice to me.
So happy to see you! The Heathers remind me of you.