Monday, December 11, 2006


In the bedroom I have six little trees. The white one sits in an old white lamp base by the east window. It is decked with jewelry from the past. My Grandmother's bracelet is the tree skirt. When the sun shines in, the jewelry sends dazzling light through the bedroom.

The jewelry I currently am wearing hangs on a little glass tree on my dresser.
I made the Christmas light lapel pin from one of the Christmas lights that once graced my Grandmother's Christmas tree. I wear it on my coat.

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Q said...

Oh Sprite!
I wish you could see all the sparkles! They dance about so joyfully.
The dresser mirror adds to the celebration of light. I added another mirror today so the room is becoming full of light all day long.
I get so excited when I find different trees to do up. I have plans for more. I am "finished" for this year. Next year I can already tell I will be adding at least four if not five new trees to the Enchanted Forest.
The bedroom is the Jewel Garden. I have ideas on how to bring in more Jewels.
More sparkles!
It is pretty.