Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Dove

Today was a busy day for doves. I counted 13 on the deck and feeders.
I was pleased.


Deb said...

13 doves!! How lucky!

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I think of the Doves as Angles!
Yesterday I counted 24 on the wire at one time. They all flew down onto the deck for a split second and were off. It was a shower of dove wings! A "wow" moment.
13 is a magic number!

Q said...

Hi Sprite,
The Doves are so magical. They are helping me to give birth to my creative endeavors. As the house and gardens come together it was only natural to add photography to my work. I have a few photos I believe are top quality. Maybe a book?
I have been seeing so many too. Perhaps this means I have everything I need to continue to create. As I learn how to do the stop action I think I can do an entire series of birds in flight.
Butterflies too and oh, oh, oh, when the Hummers are back! Oh my!
Much adventure awaits me. So glad you are with me on this journey.