Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mr. Peanuts

Hello everyone! Q and Qpid are just a few hours from my house! There is a pot of soup waiting!

Today's Oregon bird report is on the Western Scrub Jay. In Missouri and Colorado, I was accustomed to seeing regular old Blue Jays, with the pointy head feathers. So when I moved here a couple months ago, I was surprised to see these fellows:

The bird book says that this is the Western Scrub Jay, and they are prolific around my house. Someone must be putting peanuts out for them, because as I sit at my computer and look out the back window, they like to perch on the fence with peanuts in their mouths to show off. This morning I saw two of them arguing over a peanut.

The bird book says that these birds save their food for later by burying it in the ground. So if a bunch of peanut vines (I am just guessing they grown on vines--I have never heard of a peanut tree) sprout this spring, I'll know why.

Boy, those birds sure do love peanuts.

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