Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gentle Rain

I awoke at dawn to the sounds of softly falling rain. It was misting.
Even with clouds the Morning Glories shine their light.
The peppers are in bloom and setting fruit. I see little Faerie hats!
The squashes are in bloom. I am glad for the small amount of rain. I have been watering the freshly planted seeds. Mother Nature has the best water and she waters all of the gardens at once!


Q said...

Hi Sprite!
I have missed you, Dear Heart.
So glad you are home.
I loved the way the feather was on my favorite flower! I came out onto the deck and there was the feather. It seemed to me Flower had reached up into the air and grabbed it as it was floating by.
I am saving all the feathers and other bird gifts to create an art piece this winter. When the cold winds blow I will be connected to my bird friends!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,

A magical gift, the red feather, for you! Such a joy.

Yes, the cycles of life; Fire for Summer, Water for Autumn, Earth for Winter and Air for Spring.
The first part of September is that in-between time. The transition time. Soon the Autumn Equinox will be here. The warm afternoons remind me to finish up my Summer chores.
Thank you for sharing the olde ways with us. I too remember them.