Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Harvest Moon

The other day, when the breeze was from the Northwest, the Wind Harp sang. I sent forth an invitation to all butterflies and birds to come by for some nectar and some seed. Wednesday, the Black Swallowtail came. Today the Red-spotted Purple butterfly was enjoying the Marigolds.

The Silver-spotted Skippers were in the zinnias on the east side of the house.
Hummingbird came by as did Monarchs and Buckeyes, European Skippers, Tiger Swallowtail and Black Swallowtail. Bunnies are big now; they still come for the apple cores. Spiders are weaving their webs and acorns are dropping onto the driveway, many signs of September. My bird friends come to the feeders all day long. When I am outside they keep an eye on me. They sing to me. I am never alone!

I harvested Basils and Bee Balm. I left some to go to seed for next year.
A few peppers were ready but no tomatoes. I will fix an all garden dinner tonight, potatoes and peppers and a couple of yellow squash, just stir fried.

The basils are ready for me to snip into tiny pieces, place in my jar and cover with olive oil. I will store in the refrigerator. Not a true pesto, just my easy version. I can always add pinenuts to it when I use it, if I want to. The Bee Balm will hang to dry. Once it is crispy I will grind it up for winter tea. I will continue to harvest. It is time to cut the Twisting Willow and dry for my curtain rods in the living room and dining room. Some will go on the deck for October Decorating. Lots of seeds to harvest. Soon I will have tomatoes and lots more peppers, there should be harvesting until December!

Every day we have our event. Every day I am finding the gifts mother nature has for me. I love life. I love each day.

Tonight I will watch the moon rise.
I will make a wish.
Shine on, Harvest Moon.

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Q said...

Hi Honey,
I did a quick search and saw a photo of the Blue Morpho butterfly. They have them at the Butterfly Pavillion in Colorado. Our Daughter went there for her birthday outing. If ever I am in the Denver-Boulder area again I want to go.
The Blue Morpho are very beautiful.
It is grand you saw one.
I am in love with the flying creatures too.