Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September Evening

The sun sets earlier. The bright sun- set rays are blinding.
Butterfly shadows fade quickly.
Spider reflects the evening sun.
Twilight does not linger any more. I need a sweater when we walk after supper.


Sprite said...


Dearest Q~

I am just beginning to catch up after my trip to Michigan. It was beautiful and cool up there 2 -3 weeks ago, like it is starting to become here in the Midwest. I had such a lovely time at Cranbrook, and had the privilege of staying at Thornlea house, it was built by my friend's grandfather.

I want to tell you how much your photos mean to me. When I look at them, I remember all the colors and light that imbue my soul with goodness, peace and health. I remember why I am here on this beloved earth, and only remember goodness and light. I remember to forget the things I do not resonate with any longer.

My Spirit longs for ongoing beauty and clarity of purpose, as you so willingly share in your sacred space called "Q's Cprner."

It seems to me that one of your purposes is to share your beauty with others, you do it so graciously. You not only share beautiful photos and ideas, you share your beautiful Spirit with us.

Thank you for such a beautiful sharing and meditative place to come back to.

I love and cherish you my friend!


Q said...

Ahhh Sprite,
I have missed you so very much! Cranbrook looks to be a beautiful place to visit. Now that you have been there I bet it is even more beautiful. You put sparkle into the very air.
Reading your words once again brings sweet tears to my eyes! I love sharing the beauty. I am so graced by Mother Nature. I often just let my mind go and let the camera find what to photograph. No plan. Sometimes I find photos when I download I did not know I took! Like automatic writing I am doing automatic photo essay! Fun and exciting for me. Learning about butterflies has been nice this summer.
I only see beauty. It is everywhere. The way the grass grows is lovely!
I live in the city, on a corner lot. Having the "wild life" in my own back yard is so delightful. I enjoy each minute of each day.
I would love to share everything!
This afternoon a frog was in Mrs. Cardinals drinking bowl. Most upsetting to Mrs. Cardinal. When I went to check what was upsetting her, he jumped; huge leaps across the sidewalk and into the big front pond. I laughed. So cute. I have all sorts of bug and bird and plant stories.

Living is my passion and Q"s Corner my gift, not only to me from the Universe but my gift back to the Universe.
We are dancing, the Universe and I. Thank you for joining in the Dance!

Sprite said...


Dear Q~

You, my friend, are welcome.

L~ sprite