Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pictures of pictures

I have been framing pictures of December birds.
It takes me awhile to find the frame and the mat once I choose the location and the photo. The Cardinals I am printing on translucent paper with a candy cane print. These are taking the place of framed cards in the master bath.
My new silver tree in the living room is for a set of tiny bird ornaments my husband gave me some years ago. I will hang them when we put up our family tree tomorrow. They are stored with those oraments.
Sometimes I am so thrilled by a photo I want too see it often. This one is for my desk.

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Q said...

Dear Sprite!!

I thought I saw Fairy glitter when I awoke this morning. "Hi!"

This photo is one of a series I took on our first snow of the year, November 30th. If you click on November's posts you can see the full sized photo. I had to shrink it to fit in my little frame. For a long time I had this photo as my desk top. Sometimes I fall in love with a photo. I fell in love with this one.

Every day the light is different, the weather is different and the background for the birds and flowers and bugs is different. I never know when I begin each day what delights Mother Nature will provide. Each day there will always be a delight if I am open to them.
The Cardinals are special to me. They remind me that my work has meaning.
My pretty pictures are a gift to the world. If one person finds joy or smiles when they see them I am pleased.
This photo of Mrs Cardinal sitiing pretty in the freezing rain and snow reminds me to sit pretty no matter the appearance of adversity. It is just the background of beauty. The Fairy globe reminds me help is only a thought away.
So glad to "see" you.
May Cardinal sing sweet songs to you.
Love and Light,