Thursday, December 14, 2006

Red Sky in the Morning

sailors warning. I did up a couple of baskets to take to the kind ladies that do my services.

I took a yard tour. It is so warm.
I was hunting for butterflies; the robin was hunting worms.
I had to pinch myself to remember this is December!


Saucy said...

That robin redbreast is a little far from home in December, don't you think? I hope the temperature doesn't drop off too fast for him.

Those gift baskets are sweet.

Q said...

Hi Saucy,
I do think Mr. Robin might want to go a bit south soon. I read they will winter over if they can find enough food. I do not think my husband will go for me buying worms for the Robins. I guess I could start a worm garden.
The refigerator already has suet cakes, flower bulbs and meal worms a few earth worms surely would not take up too much room.
Doing up the little baskets was fun to do.
I like flowers.