Friday, December 29, 2006


The birds have not yet found the new feeder at my house.

Q and I picked it out while she was in town. It was a controversial purchase. Housemate (my life partner) prefers not to encourage birds to come near. He claims to have been twice attacked by birds. Claims.

It's been wet and cold. The only birds in evidence this week have been the crows, and even they are keeping to the clouds.

About the only living thing having a heyday out there is the moss. It's everywhere, and I'm afraid to touch it, because it seems related to mold, which is hateful.

Hm, the moss does look nice and soft and good for petting, though. Maybe I'll go touch it a little bit and then run away shrieking.

I'm waiting for birds to find the feeder and for Q and Qpid to call in with their report.

Your pal,

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Q said...

Hi Sprite,
Housefrau is so funny!
She sees the world in a lovely way.