Saturday, June 03, 2006

Birds, Bugs and Bikes

We chose Longview Bike Trail for our morning ride.

Dragonfly greeted us as we pulled into a parking space
that was in his patrol area.

Blue Bird waited patiently while we unloaded our bicyles.
Contentedly he posed for photos.

We were off to a great start.
The trail is an asphalt trail with wooden bridges that span the Little Blue River that feeds Longview Lake.

The trail passes through a nice wooded area and goes along side a lovely meadow. Resting benches and picnic tables appear frequently. Lovely old growth Sycamores and marshlands are homes to a large variety of birds and wildlife.

The trail is close to neighborhoods and highways.
The over passes are nesting grounds for Cliff Swallows.

We stopped for a deer on the path and to watch a Great Blue Heron fish.
Butterflies darted about and bird calls we were unfamiliar with sang forth.

We helped a turtle cross a dangerous,
for him, curve on the path.

The trail is 6.5 miles one way.

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Q said...

We did have fun! Our bike rides are always tiring but so enjoyable.
I do think the thistle is a milk thistle. The firefly and months were enjoying them. So often we cannot get close enough to get photos of everything we see with our binoculars. I also thought we did well on spotting wildlife this morning. The trail was rather busy with other riders and hikers.

After resting we finished cleaning the wheat. 3153 straws! They are bundled and ready to dry. A nice harvest for a small backyard garden.