Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Getting Ready For July

My Swap and Shop finds! The green and blue oil lamp is going to my desk. I have a dear friend who is not feeling well. I have deemed this lovely oil lamp my blessing light for her. I send thoughts of wellness. The jars with the corks were given to me. A man was packing things up and as I passed he asked me if I could use these. I offered him a couple of dollars . I will be filling the jars with dried lavender candy, dried roses and dried rosemary! I think they will look pretty in my cabinets and be usable. I will be looking for fun scoops.

The red geraniums in my window boxes had a nice flush of flowers. They will fade and rebloom all summer. They just say "summer" to me. I love finding the beauty in the common place. I have wintered over geraniums before. My husband enjoys them in the bedroom in January.

As I pack June up and decorate for July I am thinking, reflecting this morning.

June has gone well.


Sprite said...

Dear Q~

How lovely that you have a special blessing lamp for your friend. I know that she must feel your love and healing for her, every time you light it.

Ooo, lavender candy, have you tried it, and is it good? mmm.

Your red geraniums are so beautiful! They just shout happiness and summer love.

I will bring some of mine in too this winter. I have pink, white, coral, and red. I so enjoy them.


Q said...

The lavender candy is very yummy!

A dear friend told me that red geraniums would alert ladies of an approaching visitor if placed by the door.

That is so fun!

Sprite said...

Dear Q~

Oh yes I have heard that it said in old folklore that Red Geraniums are very protective flowers.

I love to read the ways of old, and glean delightful and magical beliefs about flowers and herbs potions.

Like the old wives tale about hanging garlic from the neck and how it would protect someone from 'ill intending spirits.' It is known now that garlic is an immune enhancer, and 'ill intending spirits' was a way to describe illness.

I love receive and to share information about the old ways...

By the way, who did they think "The Old Wives" were? I imagine wise women. Perhaps Grandmothers, who had been around the woods a time or two.


Q said...

I do think I am an "old wife" with many a tale!
They were right too. So many of the herbs were used as "medicines". Still are!
I am reading a book my daughter sent for Mother's Day called "The Naming of Names" by Anna Pavord. It is the history of how our plants were named. So interesting.
I too enjoy reading how plants were used in the past. I love the lore. So much is accurate on use.
Stories to teach.

Anonymous said...

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