Thursday, June 29, 2006

I never know

I never seem to know when I will be influenced, by what I read, what I hear or what I see. I try to stay aware. I try and stay open.
When I read the poem, In Flanders Fields' I fell in love with the poppy. I began growing them and collecting poppy things.
This little oil lamp was a small vase I filled with liquid paraffin and added a wick.

I am sensitive to nature. Often my behavior is changed by weather or animals or bugs!

When I learned of Masaru Emoto and his blessings of the water I was forever changed. I bless all the water I come in contact with. I say "Thank you".

I also never know when I will influence someone. I am mindful of my thoughts and my words. When in doubt, I just love.

I never know when I will be inspired or when I will inspire. I approach the day with an open heart and mind.

I do know that we affect others. Our attitude comes through even when we are quiet.. Our bodies communicate. Our thoughts may only be heard by ourselves but we communicate.

Things sometimes talk to me. I feel their call. This watermelon man from the early 1900's spoke to me. I found him, or did he find me? Perfect for July. I am out in the shops. Looking and listening for July.

I have a friend who lives in Western Kansas. They have Maria Winds, winds that blow constantly and are 15 plus miles per hour. It has been a draught time for this region. My friend is a gardener. She writes about her winds and the lack of moisture. She also writes about her relationships with the creatures in her gardens. She has a crippled bunny that visits. She places her apple core out on a rock each day for her bunny friend. I find this charming. This morning when I cut my apple I thought of my friend and her bunny. I took my apple core pieces out to a rock in my yard. We have baby bunnies and maybe they would like this. It is a nice way for me to remember to eat an apple everyday too.

When I checked later my apple pieces were still on the rock. Maybe it takes awhile for bunnies to find apple pieces. My friend shared her way with me and I am changed.

When we share ourselves with each other we have the opportunity to be affected.

Thank you for sharing with me.


Q said...

Baby bunnies did get the apple cores. Will be doing this now instead of in the composit.
Thank you for the web site link. I posted it in the body of the text. I also have been part of the water project for the last few years. Our son shared Emoto's first book with us. He is an amazing man. So nice you saw him when he was in town. When humans work together in the spirit of cooperation we have heaven on earth.

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.