Monday, June 19, 2006


I look forward to the blooming of the day lilies. Each bloom last one day. The stems are full of buds. These were given to me by a man who was selling insurance! He stopped to see my yard and brought me the plants in the fall. His hobby was growing day lilies. I have the names of each plant. These are suitable for show.

I planted zinnia seed yesterday all around the lilies. I should have flowers come September. That was the last of the zinnia seed saved from last year's plants. I will save again for next year. I have been saving the zinnia seed for 30 years.


Sprite said...

Your lilies are stunning, thank you for posting pictures of them.

Today when I got home my zinnias were wilted. In one day, they wilted. I am learning how to care for plants, but what do we do when it's so hot and no rain? Do I need to water now twice a day? I'm really curious about this.

Perhaps it is that I need to immediately get plants in the ground after purchase. I'm just a beginner at this, and want to do it right. I am thinking this is not a flower for pots.

They did pop right back up after the watering, so I am relieved.


Q said...

I think zinnias would be fine in a pot but will need lots of water. When it is windy or hot they will dry out fast. I have often watered twice a day. I do put water in all pot's saucers when I water. I think that helps. I also have potted in plastic pots and slipped those into the decorative pots, cache pots. The plastic growing pots do not dry out as fast as the terra cotta.
The zinnas do very well directly sowed or planted in the ground. At my house they thrive in the hot summer sun. Removing the spent bloom will allow blooming all summer too. Come September you can let the flowers fade and set seed. When I begin doing this I will post so you too can save seed from your zinnas for next year.
Always happy to share flower photos. I often will bring a lily bloom in to float in a bowl or my bath.