Friday, June 30, 2006

End Of Month

July Decorating is coming along. It might take a few more years before I have it the way I want. I will keep working on it. The bottle rockets and sparklers look nice in this vintage wood cheese box that came from my parents house.

Today I look back over the days of June. Lavender harvest was good. I do want to work on that area. Not only get the rock wall installed but I want to enlarge for more lavender. I have the dried stems ready too. I have the storage jars so anytime I can get the blossoms off the stems and ready for Winter use.

Squash bugs are a problem. I am out every day checking for eggs. Think I will do the soapy water spray early in the season. The yellow squash is doing great as is the zucchini. The new growing location is working out, could enlarge it. So far I have not had enough to put up for winter or to share.

Still having trouble getting basil to germinate.

Strange year for basil.

I bought more seed so I will keep trying.

There are a few plants but not enough for pesto.

The poppies did well. I have seed for winter sowing and for bread. Overseeding with the zinnas is nice, could do it sooner so when the poppies are finished the zinnas are a bit larger.

June was a dry month, only 2.6 inches of rain for the month. I am watering the beds today. The forecast is for hot and humid, scattered thunderstorms. I can not wait to see if we will get rain, the ground is too dry.

I checked the tomato plants. Lots of large green fruits.

Would be nice if one would ripen up! Tomato sandwiches for the fourth of July would be a grand event!

The pepper plants look good, they have blooms. I do remember July as the time I am waiting for tomatoes and peppers.

This afternoon, for my spa time, I will read.

After reading time I will start getting the lavender into the jars.

Soon I will begin drying strawflowers. They are getting ready.

I have seed to collect too. After July 4th I will stop pinching the mums. Need to get the cole crops planted.

There is always something going on in the gardens.

I think a ground hog is eating the leaves of the green beans. We will rent a large animal trap and relocate ground hog! They like broccoli and so I will want to get him before I plant my seed.

Could be a fine July 1st activity, capture a ground hog day! I will see what my husband thinks of this great idea!

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Q said...

I mean that the seeds do not sprout or very few seed are sprouting. For some reason this year few basil seed are sprouting. I have sowed 30 packets of seed! Plus saved seed from last year. Out of all those seeds only 10 plants! Sometimes it is because the soil is too cold or too hot or it is too wet or too dry! The seed could be too old! Hard to know. Sometimes I just think it is not a good year for a certain type of plant! This has not been a very good year for basil.
Maybe it will turn around and the basils will take off. I sowed another 3 packs of seed yesterday.
Zinnias are easy. I do direct sow the seed where I want them. The red capped zinnias are in bloom now. The rest are sprouting and growing, should have flowers by the end of July and into August. When I direct sow I sprinkle the seed and place a wee bit of soil over the seed. You can use garden soil or potting soil.
The photo of the basil is of purple basil. I like it and I think it is very pretty. I also grow green or sweet basil. At least I try to grow them!