Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Solstice

The Jasmine is blooming this morning.
A solstice gift. I am grateful.

I began growing the Jasmine last summer. I had it in the ground with a willow trellis to grow on. I potted it up last October and brought it in to the living room. The windows in the living room and dining room face south. I removed the curtains so the plants would have as much winter light and sun as possible. The Jasmine grew some but did not bloom. In April my husband carried Angle Wing Jasmine out to the deck. She has thrived.

Solstice is my day to reflect on the growing season so far. It is notebook day. I will write in the notebooks about each flower bed, ideas for next year, what worked, what did not.

Solstice is my day for new beginnings. Today I am starting a Full Body wellness program. I am making it up! Today I am fasting. From now until Autumn Equinox I shall put the focus of my attention on my body. Each day I am planning on a "spa" treatment. I shall share the treatment of the day too. Today I am planning a lavender bath.

At noon I will go outside. I will soak up a wee bit of solstice sun.

This evening I will watch the sunset.
I will stay until twilight turns to dark and the first stars shine forth.
The longest day of the year.

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