Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

It is nice to have a day each year where, as a society, we remember to say, "Thank you", to Fathers.
This collective voice of gratitude adds joy to our world.

My Father was excellent at making sure I had "shoes on my feet, food on my table and a roof over my head". He provided for his family.
As I reflect back on my childhood I realize how much this man taught me.

My greatest treasure of my Father's is his straw work hat. It is stained by his sweat. Sown with his string. When the chin strap broke he fashioned a new one with leather thong and a metal fitting for an air gun. Things he would have had on his work bench. He taught me how to make with what was at hand. Never wasteful always resourceful.

He sowed seed too. His yard was tiny. When he grew perennial hibiscus he was so pleased. I have sowed seed from his plant and have a nice stand in my yard.
He loved trees.
He built his house. The field stone that he removed for his foundation became his retaining wall and decorative planter boxes. He always had a rock pile. When I bought my house he helped move his rocks to my yard. They are the edging for my back garden.

My husband's Father lived at the Lake. We usually spent our Father's Day weekend with him.
He was a fisherman. He trolled for White Bass.
I loved his Hummingbird feeders. When the Hummers come to my feeders I think of him. This watercolor painting came from his house. I hang it in June as my remembrance of the Lake House.

Male and the female are words we use to describe the parts of the plants that are necessary for the plant to bear fruit. The squashes require both types of blooms and for the pollen to be carried by the bees or butterflies so fruit can set. The Bittersweet needs at least two female plants and one male to make berries. It has taken three growing seasons for mine to set berries. The natural world has males and females.

We often talk about male energy and female energy. We call the sun "male" energy and the moon "female". Some refer to God as, "He" and the Goddess as, "She". We associate certain attributes to each. It is a way of talking. A way for us to understand ourselves and others and Spirit.

I think people have both types of energy. I have been nurtured by the males in my life and protected by the females.

Many single Moms are providing for their families and many single Dads are nurturing their children. I send blessings to them. I send blessings to families that have Moms and Dads working together to raise their children. I send blessings to the Fathers that have died.

I give thanks for the love.

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