Thursday, June 15, 2006


Once again I need baskets.
This happens every few months.
I give them away filled with garden produce or flowers.
I plant them in the garden as support for flowers.
I have empty baskets in the flower beds so I have a place to toss my weeds I am forever picking as I walk around the yard. I use baskets to dry leaves, stems and seeds. I use baskets for harvesting. Once I put something in a basket it looks pretty.
Years ago I bought my baskets at garage sales. They were inexpensive, 25 or 50 cents apiece. Now I shop the thrift stores. I can find a dozen, great baskets, in half an hour and they cost $1.00-$2.00 apiece. Today I did very well, twelve baskets, all sizes.
I will wash them up and sun dry them.
I hope to have baskets for tomatoes to give to my friends come July.

On the way home I had a detour through a residential neighborhood. What delight to see a lemonade stand ahead. Four young girls had set up their table and made their sign. They did have a cube of ice for the cup and some powdered mix they had done up. Nice refreshing reminder of my children and their summertime lemonade stands. I was pleased. I did not need change. Wish I had the camera.


Sprite said...

Q, I like baskets too.

They are so useful for just about everything. I use one in my hall closet for winter gloves and hats. I use baskets for carrying my creative works from my crafting room. Or to gather together all that is needed for one particular project I am working on. I like the idea of having them available in the garden for weeding. Thanks, great idea.

Oh, Lemonade stands. I just love that when little ones have such joy in their life to share.

Will you be having a Lemonade stand this summer? I imagine the beauty of offering a drink to a thirsty stranger as an adult would be so enjoyable. I think your neighbors across the street would really love it, what do you think? Ah, childhood memories.

I wish you had the camera too. I guess the weather is too hot to carry one in the car at this point.


Q said...

It would be fun to set up a Lemonade stand!
Maybe when the tomtoes are coming on strong I can set up a stand and also have leamonade. I would not charge for refreshment. It could be a service. Maybe if it gets to 100 degrees this summer I could do this. Wonderful idea Sprite! Thank you.
Baskets are so handy. I too gather my tools and supplies together for a projet in a basket.

I am thinking about getting another camera for my purse. Not the big one with all the lenses like I resently purchased but a smaller "snap" shot type. I am not comfortable carrying the big camera while out and about!

Sprite said...

Oh, I tell you what! I have had the best luck with those Fuji instant cameras, they have often taken remarkable pictures and as long as they are protected by the box, they would fit nicely in a purse.

Good Luck!


Q said...

Next time I am in the shops I will get one! Thank you. In the summertime there are so many snaps I miss because the camera is at home and I am flitting about here and there.