Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Squash Bugs

The dreaded squash bugs have returned!

We have squashes growing in two areas in the backyard. They are in different spots than last year. Our idea was by moving the squash to new locations we would not get the squash bugs.While giving the miniature white pumpkins another trellis to grow on I saw squash bug eggs. I stopped and immediately began to remove them. Sometimes the bronze eggs are on so tight I have to remove an entire leaf. We do not know of any natural predator. I will be checking all the leaves, everyday, for eggs.

I was able to capture a female. I will also spray the plants with a soapy water solution in hopes it will help.

The zucchini is in full bloom. One female squash bug can lay enough eggs to destroy a plant in three weeks time.

I picked four zucchini last night for supper. We had grilled zucchini and onion sanwiches with garden lettuce.

Today I picked two for our pasta salad. I hope to be picking zukes for the rest of the summer. I will need to keep the squash bugs at bay

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Q said...

So far so good!!
Picked three yellow squashes for supper last night and have been picking zucchini every night for a week. One or two at a time for our salads or stir fries.

Did see more eggs on the pumpkins. I am hoping to have the dwarf white pumpkins for October decorating and eating! I think they look great in the Moon Garden, growing up on willow cages. Right now the vines are growing rapidly and I did have one bloom.