Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Happy Birthday

It is our daughter's birthday. A very special day for us. It is her "day of all days", the day she is she! We celebrate birthdays. We enjoy them.

We were not able to drive up to see her this year. We mailed our gifts and had birthday party on the phone. She opened her gifts as we chatted. I could feel her hugs! We sang our "Happy Birthday to you" song and we blew out her candles. It was fun.

Our son-not-in-law made sure her special day was filled with gifts and activities. He baked the special birthday cake and made the difficult frosting. I miss her and celebrating in person. I am ever so grateful she has a loving, kind mate! He took photos.

Life changes.

I had a wonderful time sharing in Birthday activities though the marvel of digital technology! Her outing to the Butterfly Pavilion was a thrill for me.

A lovely cake!


Q said...

Will share photos of butterflies when they come in!

Q said...

We also have "made up" holidays and events! Every day is a special day and to celebrate it is a mindful way of living. Such a "spa" thing to do! Living in the now and loving every moment. We still do our chores but they are fun chores and when done in a love filled way never a bother.
Turtles are ever so grand!

DMW said...

I never noticed how much my cake looked like that turtle before.