Friday, June 23, 2006

The Summer Sky

As twilight comes I am outside. I watch the dance of the fireflies. Last night I watched the bat. He was eating mosquitoes. Bless him.

I watched as the last rays of the sun set and Jupiter was visible. Even in the city I can pick out Cygnus the Swan also known as the Northern Cross. Deneb is the bright star at the tail of the Swan.
As the night progresses Scorpius becomes visible. The heart is the brilliant red star, Antares. I seldom can see the entire constellation. It is in the southern sky.
summer night sky is so beautiful. Worth the time to relax a bit and find a constellation to enjoy. Just look up!

One of the white rose bushes is in full bloom. Time for me to harvest rose petals for my oil.

This is so easy to do. I take the petals off of 20 roses and put them in my decanter. I pour organic Jojoba Oil over to cover them and let them steep. I keep the petals in the oil. If I want more scent I can add essential rose oil. It is very expensive so I use it very sparingly. This method does give me a softly scented rose oil. I use the oil for my baths and for arms, legs, scalp and massage. It is delightful. Keeps nice too.

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Q said...

The white roses are lovely at night. In the moon garden they are like lights! I love white flowers. Will need to make more rose oil. I am almost out again.