Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Good Day To Weed

The half inch of rain we received last night was just right. The flower beds were not too wet nor too dry. Perfect for weeding. I have many growing spots in the yard, different gardens, 40 to be exact. They range from full sun to deep shade, small, medium and large, and all need weeding at some point. We mulch heavily and plant close together yet volunteer plants find their way in. I try to clean each garden at least once a month. Seldom are all the gardens cleaned and planted at once. This year I have made a commitment to keeping the gardens weeded.
By mid-morning I was out cleaning gardens. We had finished bundling the wheat last night, 31 bundles of 100 straws. Nice harvest. Today I wanted to get the stubble out and the bed replanted with gourds and zinnias and mulched. Once I was finished with that project I started weeding and mulching the strawberries then the zucchini. On to the front Heart Bed. The daffodil greens have ripened so I can clean them out. Over seeded the entire bed with marigold seed. Should be pretty in September. Made lots of progress today, eight areas ready for June growing. No camera or binoculars, just my trowel and weed bucket. Worked ten hours. I am tired. It is a good tired. I was happy to be with my plants.


Q said...

I think you are describing Bindweed. I get it too. There are two areas in my yard I get it every year, in my front evergreen spreader and in my blue berries!
I weeded too. If I can I would like to weed every day. My goal is to have all the beds weeded and seeded and mulched before July Ist!I am about half way there.

Q said...

It also grows in our lawn. I will pull some of it out if it is close to a bed. Otherwise I just leave it. I do not do any sort of weed control in the yard. Whatever we dig up is about all that is done. We have overseeded with grass seed many times. The thought being that if grass is growing fewer weeds will grow. I guess it is up to you on if you keep the bindweed or not. We over seed in the Fall, mid September. Before the fall rains. We also will over seed in April.